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Explore the versatility of ValuZip™ Brand ziplock bags, offering high-quality reclosable options in a range of sizes from Tiny to Oversized. With custom sizes, printing choices, and a finger & thumb pressure lock mechanism, these zips are heat-sealable for a tamper evident presentation.

Clear Ziplock Bags

ValuZip™ Brand offers high quality zip reclosable / resealable lock bags in a wide range of popular zip locking bag sizes (Tiny / Mini / Little / Small / Gallon / Two Gallon / Sandwich / Large / Extra Large / Oversized), styles and zip locking closures.

  • Custom sizes & printing options are available
  • Finger & thumb pressure lock mechanism
  • Zip top bags are heat sealable above the pressure lock closure
  • All products in this category are 100% recyclable
  • Gauges (Mil Thicknesses) for almost any application
  • Most of our plastic ziplock bags are FDA and USDA approved for direct food and pharmaceutical contact. All FDA Approved, food safe zip lock poly bags are marked with an FDA Icon
  • Unless otherwise noted, ValuZip™ lock top bags are made from 100% virgin raw materials. We do sell some products with recycled content, but those items are clearly described in their titles.
  • Reclosable bags are great for display, storage, shipping and more
  • All dimensions are listed in inches. Each bag's product description page has a to-scale diagram and size chart available.
  • The first dimension, defined herein as "width," always represents the bag's opening

All zipper reclosable bag dimensions represent the interior dimensions. The lip above the zip top is not included in the dimensions for those bags that have a lip (non slide-seal).

How a Ziplock Closes

Discount Plastic Bags Open Ziplock Image

Zip Locking Mechanism Opened - Top cross section with magnification of an open zip lock bag with an unlocked separated seal.


Discount Plastic Bags Closed Ziplock Image

Zip Locking Mechanism Closed - Top cross section with magnification of a closed ziplock bag with a locked & joined airtight seal.


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Our most frequently asked Ziplock bag questions:

Are ziplock bags airtight?

  • Most ziplock bags are made from polyethylene which is not 100% airtight. Polyethylene has a water vapor transmission rate of around 1.0 - 1.5. This means that it will slowly leak air in over the course of time much in the way a balloon loses air after a few days.

Are ziplock bags leakproof/waterproof?

  • Ziplock bags are not specifically made to be waterproof/leakproof. Even though most will hold liquid without any issues for a bag to be guaranteed as leakproof it will either need to have a thicker seal such as a 5mm seal like vacuum bags do or a special additive added to it to make sure the seal bonds perfectly. For most applications this will not be an issue but if it is critical for the bag to be leakproof then make sure to get a bag rated as such.

Are ziplock bags smell proof?

  • Most ziplocks are not smell proof. Certain laminated bags such as the ones used for storage of cannabis have several layers of different materials including a metallic one such as mylar and these bags are generally recognized to be smell proof.

Are ziplock bags recyclable?

  • Whether a ziplock is recyclable depends on the material from which it is made. Both polyethylene and polypropylene ziplocks can be recycled. Bags made from various laminated materials are not recyclable as each material has its own recycling code and we do not currently have the technology to seperate these efficiently during the recycling process.

Are ziplock bags microwave safe?

  • Polyethylene ziplock bags are not recommended for microwave use as polythylene has a softening point of 95 C and a melting point of 105 which might be reached by steam coming off a food item. Polypropylene ziplocks can be used in the microwave as polypropylene has a higher melting point of 130 C which would not easily be reached by a microwave.

Are ziplock bags BPA free?

  • Yes both polyethylene as well as polypropylene and laminated ziplock bags are BPA free. BPA is not typically used in the manufacturing of flexible packaging such as ziplock bags.

Can ziplock bags be boiled?

  • It is not recommended to boil polyethylene ziplock bags as the temperature of boiling water surpasses the softening point of the material and may lead to compromising the structural integrity of the bag. For boiling bags we recommend a poly nylon vacuum pouch as this withstands a much higher temperature.

Where can I recycle ziplock bags?

  • Only mono layer films such as polyethylene or polypropylene ziplock bags can be recycled. To find the nearest recycling center to you you can follow this link: Bag and Film Recycling
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